Examples of Vintage Bakelite Jewelry


Welcome to a reference page of Broadwater Rose Jewels.
This page is for reference only, to provide examples of vintage Bakelite jewelry.
Please note: not all items are currently available for sale.

You can access pieces of vintage Bakelite jewely for purchase by clicking here.

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Vintage Carved Chocolate Bakelite Bracelet

Vintage Vogue Vaseline Bakelite Earrings

Art Deco Chrome & Lime with Lemon Marbled Bakelite Dress Clip

Vintage Bakelite Ring

Vintage Slash Carved Triangular Bakelite Brooch

Vintage Carved Tangerine BAKELITE Bangle

 Vintage Butterscotch Laminated Bakelite Bangle

Vintage Creamed Spinach Marbled Bakelite Earrings

Mississippi Mud Bakelite Earrings

Vintage Cherry Red Faceted BAKELITE Bangle

Wide Mississippi Mud Marbled Bakelite Bangle!

Wide Vintage Lemon Drop Bakelite Bangle & Earring Set

Deep Toffee Colored Carved Bakelite Bangle

Vintage Faceted Vaseline BAKELITE Bangle

Vintage Carved Olive Green BAKELITE Bangle


Translucent Rootbeer Bakelite Bangle!

Vintage Butterscotch & Goldtone Bakelite Bangle

Vintage Thick Toffee Marbled Bakelite Bangle!

Vintage Tangerine Bakelite Earrings

Vintage Green Bamboo BAKELITE Bangle

Chunky Deeply Grooved Chocolate Bakelite Carved Bangle

Vintage Olive BAKELITE Bangle

Thick Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle!

Vintage Carved Cranberry Red BAKELITE Bangle

Chunky & Rare Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle!


Vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Earrings


Vintage Green Bakelite Earrings

Carved Butterscotch & Chrome Bakelite Earrings

Vintage Mah Jong Bakelite Bracelet

Vintage Mah Jong Bakelite Bracelet