Examples of Matisse & Renoir Jewelry

History: Renoir of California established in Los Angeles in 1946 by Jerry Fels.
Matisse, Ltd. also established in Los Angeles by Jerry Fels and family in 1952.

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This page is for reference only, to provide examples of Matisse & Renoir jewelry.
Please note: not all items are currently available for sale.

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Vintage Matisse Enamel Leaf Brooch Set

Vintage Matisse Aqua Copper Necklace Set

Matisse Renoir Enamel Laurel Brooch Set

Gorgeous! 1950s Leafson Matisse Earrings

Matisse Renoir Enamel Leaf Brooch Set

Gorgeous! 1950s Matisse Earrings

Vintage Matisse Renoir Lily Brooch

Collectible Vintage Renoir Sauteur Sterling Necklace

Vintage Renoir Tahiti Brooch

Vintage Renoir Copper Earrings

Vintage Renoir Pride Earrings

Early Renoir Copper Earrings

Vintage White Enamel Matisse Palatte Earrings

Vintage Renoir Matisse Aqua Enamel Thin Bangle

Vintage Renoir Matisse Turquoise Speckled Enamel Bangle

Renoir Abstract Swirl Copper Earrings

Vintage Renoir Abstract Copper Earrings

Matisse Renoir Enamel Laurel Brooch Set

Early Copper Renoir Musical Brooch Set

Striking Rhythm Renoir Clamper Bracelet & Earring Set

Vintage Renoir Abstract Copper Earrings!

Vintage Renoir Matisse Turquoise Enamel Hinged Bangle

Vintage Renoir Cuff

Matisse Renoir Enamel Leaf Brooch Set

Vintage Renoir Matisse Red Speckled Enamel Bangle

Vintage Matisse Renoir Leaflet Brooch and Earring Set

Vintage Matisse Nefertiti Aqua Copper Bracelet Set





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